Why circle and square?  There is really no good reason, except that these are simple, classic shapes beloved by mathematicians, artists, and children.  The circle appears everywhere: in the sky, as the face of the sun and moon; in children’s drawings as a primitive shape to which eyes, mouth, nose, ears, arms and legs are later added; in philosophy and Greek science, as the perfect form; in mathematics, as one of the principal shapes treated in Euclid’s elements;  in art, as an element of composition; in music, as the circle of fifths governing harmonic movement.  A good starting point for a blog whose purpose is at yet undefined. (This is an experiment).

Summer 2011

The family. Well part of our crazy family: Nicole, Dylan, Jim. That’s me on the right. Dylan is also an aspiring blogger, e.g., Film, art, photography, etc. Nicole organizes film festivals and tries to organize me. But I am a man, so that is not easy. Nicole also creates things: gardens, the Salt Lake City Film Center, Sundance’s first documentary programs, etc. Dylan makes films, writes stories, and goes to school. He plays violin and piano, likes to read, talk, and travel. Favorite saying, “Hey Daddy, what shall we talk about?” Jim is a mathematician. So is Maritza, Dylan’s mom. My sister Sally paints, hangs out, and is about to open an art cafe in Seattle. My niece, Malika, is an aspiring filmmaker. She is attending the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Dad, well, he is gone now. But he taught us to make things, and we all do some of that. Theorems, stories, photographs, films, … thanks Dad! We miss you. And Mom, we miss you. You saved us in so many ways.

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