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OffCenter Apps released zipTimer, its first app, on March 1, 2012: a clean, simple timer with a large display. Good for cooking eggs, working out, practicing the piano, you name it. The count-up, count-down display can be divided into two, three or more parts to help you pace your activity. Give it a try!

OffCenter Apps

There are more apps in the pipeline. Stay tuned! Our philosophy is to make apps that we ourselves need. We appreciate comments and suggestions. You may write to our software design and user interface engineer, Hakon Hallgrimur: Or check out his blog.

The story behind zipTimer

One day I asked my cello teacher, Rob Bethel, for some improvisation exercises. One was to close one’s eyes, listen to the sounds around – perhaps the wind, perhaps the traffic, perhaps just one’s own heartbeat. After a suitable pause, inspiration was to come, and one was to start playing. Another exercise was to improvise 30 second pieces with a beginning, a middle, and an end. This was the inspiration for zipTimer. I needed a larger, easily readable display that could be divided into sections, three in this case. And I needed a discreet audible signal when the countdown timer reached the next division. Finally, I needed a visible overtime signal when my time was up. Many of the timers I looked at were quite nice, but didn’t quite do what I wanted. Now that this excursion into app programming is complete, it is time to play more music!

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