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I’ve decided to collect things that have inspired me, made me smile, or are just interesting or useful and worth remembering. The internet never forgets. You have been warned!


Art by Ken
Colored Windows
Camille’s Sketchbook
Drawings by Ramin Tork
Watercolor illustration


Internet movie script database
Filmmaker Magazine


Macchu Picchu
Stephen Yang


Scientists versus the Paparazzi. Read on and you will find, among other things, the singular form of “paparazzi.” Quiz: what is the plural of “capuccino?” a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language

Circuit diagram by

The author is a genius!

Different strokes for different folks

Why are they laughing? Does one of them have a secret? Which one?


Natalie Portman, actress and scientist.

Quiz: name this woman, and describe her scientific contributions.

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